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Convention Schedule 2024:

  • Anthro Northwest
  • Calgary Comic Expo
  • Fur-Eh
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Commission List: Status OPEN

Last updated:Nov 8/23

Customer Queue
# Customer Suit Status
1 Daniel Plan dragon In queue, waiting on DTD
2 Brenden Digi Dragon In queue, on Hold at Customer request
3 Axel Digi Body, hands and feet In queue, on hold at customer request
4 chris Plan Dragon In queue, waiting on final ref
5 Anthony Dragon Head In queue, on hold at customer request
6 William Digi Dragon In progress
7 Travis Digi Dragon In queue
8 Lance Assorted In progress
9 Robert Digi Dragon In queue
10 Mike feetpaws In queue
11 Harvey Plan Monkey In queue
12 Charles Snow Leopard Partial In queue
13 Chris Dragon Head, hands, feet In queue
14 Alex Digi Kobold In queue
15 Jacob Digi Raptor In queue
16 Albi Kitsune body In queue
17 Jake 3/4 Stygimoloch In queue
18 Clifton charizard In queue
19 Kyle 3 eyed cat In queue
20 Cyril Digi Dragon In queue
21 Adam Digi Raptor In queue
22 Jonah Shark head In queue
23 Quincy Miray eel Digi In queue